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We’re educators just like you. And like you, we’re passionate about quality education, and work tirelessly to improve schools. District and system leaders bear awesome responsibility for these efforts, often without access to peers and experts who can offer solutions and insights. That’s why we offer a weekly Leader Chat. Host Dr. Jeff Rose, Cognia’s Vice President of Leadership Development, interviews top K–12 experts, business executives, and school leaders from around the country to discuss and solve real leadership challenges.

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Leadership transitions are tricky, not just for the school community, but also emotionally for the leader. Stephen Murley is a well-known and respected superintendent, successfully leading three different districts. Due to health concerns, Steve just resigned from his superintendent post in Green Bay Wisconsin. Jeff, a long-time colleague with Stephen, wanted to pick Stephen’s brain and discuss the emotions behind his past and current leadership transitions. This is a very relevant discussion for all educational leaders to hear and we appreciate the candid and thoughtful advice Stephen discusses with us.

Steve Murley
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About the podcast

Leader Chat with Dr. Jeff Rose engages experts and practitioners to discuss the challenges of school leadership—from strategy to staff well-being to decision making in chaotic times—with straight talk and pragmatic approaches.

To support members of Cognia’s Leadership Circle, we address the pressing issues of the day, chatting with leaders dealing with tough problems—from school board politics to school improvement and student safety. School leadership is isolating. Our Leader Chat breaks that isolation as we share solutions to help leaders in education day to day.

If you’re a member of the Cognia Leadership Circle, you can join us live every Wednesday, ask questions, and contribute to the discussions.

You don’t have to lead alone. Listen every Wednesday to Leader Chat.

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