School Culture

Strengthen teacher voice to promote continuous improvement.

When teachers feel heard, they feel valued

Cultivate a healthy school culture by amplifying teacher voice. Teachers have the greatest impact on the success of every student’s learning journey. Supporting teacher voice and agency fosters unity and shared goals with leaders, helping schools attract and retain high-quality teachers while nurturing a positive learning environment for students.

Transform school culture with a cycle of feedback and collaboration

We help schools build a healthy culture by opening a dialog between school leaders and teachers and collaborating on solutions for improvement, leading to a culture of collective action, that leverages teacher voice to:

  • Access the expertise of teachers to improve instructional practice
  • Develop a collaborative process to identify areas to improve and create innovative solutions
  • Support teachers so they stay in the classroom

Cognia comes along side you to help interpret the findings and craft improvement initiatives leading to teacher empowerment and feeling valued.

Using real-time formative data, Cognia provided us with opportunities to create real, meaningful conversations with teachers and explore solutions that will lead to new ways of thinking. Knowing the importance of supportive leadership, teachers and administrators can work together to seek and implement solutions for our student's academic success and teachers' growth and development. By doing so, healthy school culture is created, and teachers are less likely to leave their profession knowing they are heard and understood.”
Robbie P. Hooker, Ph.D.
Social Circle City Schools (GA)
“One of our foundational beliefs is that teacher empowerment and elevating the profession is what will keep us strong.”
Nate Pierantoni
Executive Director of Support Services
Farmington Municipal Schools (NM)

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