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School and System Improvement

Create better teaching and learning outcomes guided by improvement-focused evaluation. Explore customizable solutions that help your school move forward.

A legacy of innovation and improvement

Progress without the guesswork

The hardest thing to do in education is to improve a school-any school. As the leading expert in school improvement and accreditation, Cognia spends more time in classrooms and collects more school evaluation data than any other organization in the world. As a result, we know that education institutions are multifaceted organizations. In such a complex education ecosystem, improvement reforms are most successful when guided by a clear understanding of how the parts of the ecosystem fit together. This true understanding comes only from meaningful examination—no guessing needed.

Trusted expertise

For over 125 years, institutions committed to excellence have valued the independent, third-party evaluation, validation, feedback, and insight gleaned from Cognia’s expertise and approach to school improvement. Our century’s worth of classroom data, powered by a global network that reaches tens of millions of students, equips us to share our understanding of education trends and challenges.

A modern process

You face complex demands unimagined by your predecessors. By staying connected with institutions around the world, we can evolve to meet the changing needs of education. Our research-based improvement model is tailored to today’s education challenges and increases success by focusing on your unique needs and improvement priorities.

My district’s continuous improvement framework details a laser focus on leadership, culture and climate, teaching and learning, and effective ways of utilizing learning supports.”
Dr. Orletta Rush
Deputy Superintendent
Jefferson County School District (AL)

Data-driven improvement and engagement propels schools forward

Create maximum impact with evaluation solutions, based on our continuous improvement framework and grounded in performance standards that describe conditions for effective learning in all schools—from high achievers to those needing improvement support at any level. We help you:

  • Collect accurate and reliable data
  • Uncover key insights
  • Build capacity
  • Establish a system for sustainable improvement

Partner with Cognia to customize a solution that offers the refined perspective needed for genuine transformation.

Diagnostic Review

  • High and medium-performing schools identify obstacles to advancing achievement.
  • CSI or TSI schools pinpoint and correct root causes for underperformance or begin turnaround.

Student Engagement

  • Foster a culture where your teachers and school leaders use data-driven professional learning to increase student engagement.
  • Blend Cognia evaluation expertise with high-quality instruments.

Instructional Practice

  • Support teacher growth effectively.
  • Enable your leaders to provide more effective feedback and coaching with actionable data on teacher practice and expert facilitation.

School Culture

  • Get an accurate reading of your school and system culture from teachers and professional staff who live it every day.
  • Reveal opportunities to maintain a positive school culture and sustain school quality outcomes.

Frequently asked questions

Cognia partners with schools to establish data collection practices using our proprietary tools and resources that ensure school data is reliable and valid. Cognia guides schools in acting on data to build capacity and sustainable improvement.

The Cognia school improvement process is customized to the unique needs and improvement priorities of your institution. The process is grounded in a Continuous Improvement Model that includes envisioning, planning, implementing, and evaluating. This process shapes evaluation programs in the areas of root cause analysis, student engagement, teacher practice, and/or school culture, as well as customized professional learning.

Yes, we support education institutions that share our mission in advancing learning, regardless of whether they are already accredited by Cognia.

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