Professional Learning

Create sustainable school improvement through customizable professional learning for administrators and teachers.

Insight meets innovation

No other organization has performed more school evaluations than Cognia. These evaluations give us deep insight into common areas for improvement in modern-day schooling.

We’ve designed innovative professional learning aligned with our research-based performance standards to address these improvement needs. In contrast to the fleeting impact of traditional professional development, our approach is rooted in sustainable improvement. We stand alongside you for effective implementation and ongoing success.

Professional Learning Model

❶ Cognia experts collaborate with organization leaders to design impactful improvement cycles.
❷ Cognia delivers administrator and teacher professional development that builds a clear understanding, common vocabulary, and shared expectations for all.
❸ Cognia experts work with individuals and teams to implement shared learning for desired outcomes.
❹ All participants receive support and feedback that is timely and tied directly to daily practice.
❺ Cognia provides comprehensive findings that facilitate data-informed decision-making.

Professional learning resources and experiences built to address common educator challenges

Cultivating Teacher Growth

Provide professional development for teachers where they truly need it and ignite instructional change.

Differentiation that Works

Develop a comprehensive framework of differentiation that elevates student engagement.

Empowering Students

Create a learner-centered environment in the classroom that includes voice and choice.

Navigating Change

Build skills to drive intentional change and assuredly navigate unpredictable situations.

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Move beyond compliance-based planning and gain skills to better lead strategic initiatives.

Dive into the details of our professional learning solutions

Frequently asked questions

Tailored to specific program objectives, each of our initiatives caters to distinct stakeholder groups. We work with administrators and leaders, leadership teams, instructional coaches, professional learning communities, and teacher teams and cohorts (e.g., new teachers). All programs include capacity-building for leaders.

Our approach leverages a blended learning model that begins with data-informed planning to identify measurable goals that guide professional learning content and strategic implementation. We combine job-embedded professional learning with customized in-service training. As the learning is put into practice, we provide ongoing coaching support and evaluate the effectiveness of implementation to determine further support needed.

During the impact and reflection phase, we assess outcomes based on the goals identified during the initial planning phase. This helps identify successful implementation strategies that can be replicated for reinforcement and sustained as new and existing staff employ and refine instructional practices. If the desired results have not been achieved, we reflect on the process, identify necessary adjustments, and restart the cycle for improved outcomes.

Cognia professional development programs for educators are crafted to accommodate diverse needs and financial considerations, featuring three tiers of support with increasing levels of intensity. Beginning with Level 1, we provide guidance for implementing our professional learning model, culminating in Level 3, where we offer direct, hands-on support by collaborating closely with school leaders and teachers.

My leadership team and I wanted to be active participants and work alongside our stakeholders to develop a strategic plan. Using Cognia's strategic thinking and improvement planning process, we were able to determine our current reality and envision our future. Using this data, we are working collaboratively to develop our mission, vision, and belief statements.”
Dr. Matthew Thompson
Montgomery County Schools (KY)