Knowledge is Opportunity

We are a global network of enthusiastic educators here to help strengthen schools, so all students have the opportunities that knowledge brings. Are you ready to push your community of learners to a new level?

What we do for the education community

Accreditation & Certification

Work with a team that fully understands your environment. Improve your institution and gain the recognition and reputation you’ve earned.


Meaningful data from assessments should strengthen decision making to improve student learning. Work with us for tailored solutions across your balanced assessment system.

Professional Learning & Consulting

Turn ordinary results into remarkable outcomes. Choose a learning format that works for you to learn best practices and inspiring ideas. Or work with our specialists to design an onsite program.

Why Cognia?

Service-minded and dedicated to your success

Our expertise spans a wide range of educational issues. But when it comes to what’s most important in your school or region, you’re the authority. Because we embrace your goals, we don’t succeed unless you do.

Data-informed view linking your students and school performance

You may have lots of data, but struggle to see a big picture. Cognia helps you develop a holistic view. You’ll identify your current reality and set priorities for change.

Access to a global network of educators

When you work with Cognia, you become part of an educational community of more than 36,000 schools across the country and around the world. We bring together research and best practices from thousands of educators who share a passion for improving education.

Ability to implement changes with confidence

Every aspect of our work is based on robust research and analysis. You can rely on psychometrically sound assessment results to support decision making. Apply new strategies knowing they’re based on well-established research and thousands of classroom observations.

We know schools because we’re in schools.









Elevating Teaching and Learning—for 100 Years

Our legacy grounds us. But our focus is on the future—on seeking what works in your schools and in others around the world, on providing forums for educators to learn from one another, and on delivering on our promises to students.


What begins as a project becomes a relationship

With some affiliations dating from 1895, more than 300 client institutions have celebrated recognition of their school’s excellence for a century or longer. Personal connections sustain our close partnerships.

Our heart comes from our heritage

Our continuing mission is to maximize opportunities in education—through advocacy and initiatives in school improvement and recognition, meaningful assessment, and respected guidance.

Our nonprofit status means something

Like you, we’re educators dedicated to your students’ success and motivated by our shared vision to open doors of potential through knowledge.

Theories are important; actions change lives

We have decades of experience cultivating better outcomes for schools and students.