An Arkansas STEM academy's roadmap for success.

The need to prepare students to navigate the world around them and prepare them for the current and future workforce has spurred enthusiasm for STEM instruction. Forest Heights STEM Academy in Arkansas sought out and implemented a research-based framework that helped educators refine the quality of their STEM education program in terms of both instruction and professional learning.

Since STEM education is still a relatively new discipline, educators at Forest Heights STEM Academy wanted to ensure that they were using research-based best practices for instruction and professional learning. The academy underwent Cognia’s STEM Certification Review in which experienced educators, including specialists in the STEM disciplines, looked for hallmarks of quality as described in Cognia’s globally-recognized and research-based STEM Certification Standards. Forest Heights educators report that the process provided them with a deeper understanding of the criteria for quality STEM education, enabling them to refine current practices and develop new strategies.

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