Competency-based Education Certification

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Recognizing individual mastery

Cognia Competency-based Education (CBE) Certification, provides the framework for designing and successfully implementing competency-based education in a school or school system. In this era of educational innovation, Cognia CBE Certification stands out as a powerful model for educators to embed the key elements of competency-based education and promote learner success.

Working in collaboration with the Aurora Institute’s CompetencyWorks initiative, the world’s leading research organization for competency-based education, Cognia developed research-based standards for CBE certification that empower schools to:

  • Demonstrate commitment to a unique learning plan for all students
  • Recruit teachers and learners who are committed to CBE concepts
  • Demonstrate to your community your pledge to innovative education practices

A competency-based education success story

Westminster Public Schools (CO) embraces CBE certification and experiences positive growth.

Start your competency-based certification journey with Cognia Accreditation

The concepts of CBE blend with Cognia’s philosophy that teaching needs to meet individual learning needs. Our research-based performance standards drive continuous improvement and are specifically crafted to mirror an effective CBE program, making Cognia Accreditation a prerequisite for pursuing CBE certification. Our expert evaluators provide personalized support as they look for these hallmarks of a quality CBE program:

  • An approach that is thoroughly embedded in, and supported by, the institution
  • A commitment to a unique learning plan for all students
  • A foundation based on achievement of outcomes, not seat time
  • A focus on using assessment as a learning opportunity

Frequently asked questions

The Cognia Accreditation process evaluates an institution’s overall ability to meet the needs of learners. Cognia CBE Certification evaluates whether and how a school has embedded key elements of competency-based education that promote deep thinking.

Cognia Accreditation is a prerequisite for Cognia CBE Certification. New members seeking certification will earn it alongside accreditation and will undergo a simultaneous review. The institution will be due for reaccreditation and recertification at least every six years.

Institutions already accredited by Cognia may seek initial CBE certification outside of the accreditation term by hosting an “off cycle” certification review. Once initially certified, the CBE certification and accreditation terms will align.

If your institution is accredited by another U.S. regional accreditor, you may request a transfer of your current accreditation to Cognia and then seek CBE certification. As part of the Cognia global network, you’ll receive unsurpassed resources, including observation tools, surveys, and access to our online professional learning platform.

The thing that intrigued me the most was that Cognia was looking at us through a lens of innovation instead of as a traditional system.”
Dr. Pamela Swanson
Superintendent of Schools
Westminster Public Schools (CO)

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