When real-time data and collaboration drive decision making, schools see the benefit.

School leaders today face challenges and opportunities that require an emphasis on data and collaboration for decision-making. When combined, student learning grows.

Research shows that involving teachers in decision-making positively impacts student learning and job satisfaction. To achieve this, schools must embrace educators’ feedback to create teacher agency and collective, data-driven decision-making. Cognia members share their experiences—from a large district in Alabama that used diagnostic review data to inform professional learning aligned with their overall strategic plan to a small, specialized school in Montana that appreciated the “team approach” used by Cognia in professional development and strategic planning. Summative and formative improvement tools, such as observation tools and a teacher feedback platform, support these collaborative efforts to help improve school culture and student learning.

My district’s Continuous Improvement Framework details a laser focus on leadership, culture and climate, teaching and learning, and effective ways of utilizing learning supports.”
Dr. Orletta Rush
Deputy Superintendent
Jefferson County School District, AL
We built necessary accountability steps to ensure we followed through with our commitments.”
Dr. Brian Keefer
Executive Director of Professional Learning and Leadership Development
Fulton County Schools, GA

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