Cognia History

We’re honored that we’ve served so many education institutions and students since 1895. That’s when we began our legacy of accomplishments in school improvement and accreditation, and we’ve been leaders in assessment for close to four decades. However, our past success doesn’t define our practice—it serves as a secure foundation for the future. Our focus is firmly on today and tomorrow—seeking what works in your schools and in others around the world, providing learning forums for skilled educators, and helping you provide students with the opportunities that knowledge brings.

Building on a proud legacy


To serve as a trusted partner in advancing learning.


To impact and inspire education providers to advance and enable pathways of success for all learners.


Be Inclusive • Engage with Honesty • Pursue with Courage

Elevating teaching and learning—for 125 years

Personal connections sustain longstanding partnerships

Based on continued expertise, service, and support, more than 300 institutions have celebrated our accreditation of their schools’ quality for a century or longer. And we’ve maintained continuous relationships with multiple state clients for nearly 40 years.

Our heart comes from our heritage

Our continuing mission is to maximize opportunities in education—through advocacy and initiatives in school improvement and recognition, meaningful assessment, and effective guidance. Witnessing your progress in schools, systems, states, and international organizations fuels our continued commitment.

Our nonprofit status means something

Like you, we’re educators dedicated to your students’ success. We invest in research and resources; with no shareholders to answer to, we’re motivated by our common vision to open doors of potential for all learners, through knowledge.

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