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Unlock your potential as an education leader and drive positive change across your whole school community.

Navigate leadership with confidence

Professional learning for teachers abounds, but leaders often don’t have many options. We offer multiple opportunities for district and school leaders to engage with peers, develop skills, and keep abreast of trends.

  • Leadership Circle delivers clear, peer-tested information, in a collaborative format, that helps you with day-to-day leadership.
  • Leader Chat podcast engages working leaders in straight talk on your challenges and presents pragmatic approaches to school leadership.
  • Strategically crafted professional learning solutions focus on enhancing leadership capacity.
  • The Cognia Learning Community, our online professional learning platform, offers more than 48 hours of learning content specifically for education leaders. You can explore topics like Transforming Schools Through Leadership, Leading Action Research in Schools and Systems, and Targeting the Right Data Sources.

Results are in from the Leadership Circle Summit

Elevate your impact with Leadership Circle

As an education leader, you’re charged with anticipating the challenges of the future while you address today’s challenges. And your decisions and actions have far-reaching influence—on communities, teachers, and most importantly, on learners.

Leadership Circles provide you the opportunity to discuss these challenges with a community of peers. We offer Leadership Circles dedicated to the needs of two distinct audiences: district superintendents and their executive teams, and school principals. The Leadership Circles operate in a collaborative model that focuses on leaders’ pressing needs. Through a program of on-demand support and interaction, a community of leaders listens to what leaders are grappling with and responds with its collective wisdom.

This exclusive community of K–12 superintendents and senior team members provides members an opportunity to address complicated and unique day-to-day challenges. The Superintendent Leadership Circle opens the doors to support and innovative solutions by offering interaction with peers unrestricted by your location, creating a trusted virtual space for professional discourse. This Leadership Circle reduces the isolation superintendents often experience.

A school principal moves at a fast pace, facing numerous day-to-day operational issues while juggling interactions with teachers, students, parents, and local community stakeholders. Principals need to communicate, plan, and problem solve time-sensitive and often urgent tasks. The dedicated peer support available in the Principal Leadership Circle can help.


Solution Circles

Members submit a problem online. Within a week, we gather school leaders to collaborate and discuss solutions.

Leader Chats

Members can join live or watch on-demand chats with top education leaders from around the country.

Think Tanks

When common, complex issues become a trend, members are invited to leader discussions focused on pragmatic solutions.

Private Online Community

The Leadership Circle community is a 24/7, online tool, where members find exclusive content, connect with other members, and share ideas.

Invitation-only National Events

Several times a year, members are invited to leadership events at our headquarters, and to events aligned with national conferences.





Engage, grow, and learn—around the clock and across the country

Launch a Solution Circle

It’s simple to circle up with your peers: Join school leaders from around the country to find a solution.

Join our Online Community

Members access all community content from one site. Ask questions, post your thoughts, and share ideas with your peers.

professional development for teachers

Tackle Industry Issues

Across the country, leaders struggle with common and complex issues. When trends emerge, we pull together a “Think Tank,” a discussion in which leaders focus on pragmatic solutions to those challenges. You can participate in the live discussion or listen later.

Attend Leader Chat with Dr. Jeff Rose

Listen as Dr. Rose chats with prominent leaders to address pressing issues of the day. Join live to pose questions to guests as they discuss tough problem or listen on your own time. Leader Chat podcasts have featured education gurus like Daniel Pink, Linda Darling-Hammond, and Robert Marzano.

Frequently asked questions

Joining the Leadership Circle will refine your leadership skills, boost confidence, alleviate isolation, and cultivate a valuable professional network. You’ll become part of a community of like-minded peers who understand and can support you through daily, often time-sensitive, challenges.

Successful leadership development requires that we move away from traditional “sit-and-get” conferences and move toward the kind of interactive, high-impact professional development Cognia offers. Solution Circles foster collaborative learning through problem solving; Think Tanks offer a forum to address emerging educational trends. An annual summit facilitates guided discussions on leadership and education trends with peers and keynote experts.

School leaders cite diverse issues such as student discipline, governance challenges and board management, budget shortfalls and contractual obligations, decreased student enrollment and teacher shortages, attendance issues, student safety, and community engagement. Leaders can find support for these topics and more through the Leadership Circle as well as several learning labs in the Cognia Learning Community.


Networking with a great group of leaders from across the country provides a deeper understanding of the national landscape of critical issues we face every day in our districts.”
Erin Prince
Central Kitsap Schools (WA)
I appreciate the time away from the daily work to think, meet, and collaborate with other colleagues. Great group!”
Tracy Dorland
Assistant Superintendent
Adams 12 Five Star Schools (CO)
I appreciate the opportunity to interact in a different way with leaders from all over the county. I enjoyed the two days ‘on the balcony.’”
Brenton White
A+ Charter Schools, INC (TX)
We were focused on a relevant and important topic, safety. Our discussions were incredibly thoughtful.”
LeeAnn Gandy
Lovington Municipal Schools (NM)
Great balance of pragmatism and peer consulting and feedback!”
Brian Hightower
Cherokee County Schools (GA)

Circle up with peers. Don’t lead alone.