Performance standards taking effect in 2022–23 embrace today’s challenges and set a vision for quality education in our times.

In spring 2021, we completed a development cycle to examine and update the Cognia Performance Standards. The new Cognia Performance Standards apply to all K–12 and postsecondary institutions. The new standards will go into effect for Accreditation Engagement Reviews beginning in the 2022–2023 school year.

Performance Standards

The quality of a school goes beyond its name, location, or reputation. An education institution succeeds when it supports every learner every day, offering opportunities for every learner to reach further.

One hallmark of a good school is that it continually strives for improvement. Like the member institutions we serve, Cognia works to innovate and improve. In spring 2021, we completed a research and development cycle that takes place every five years, examining and updating the Cognia Performance Standards to acknowledge changes and set expectations for quality education institutions in a new era. Based on current research in education, input from practitioners, and multiple expert reviews, this cyclical development process assures that the standards at the foundation of our improvement and accreditation strategies continue to be viable, feasible, and relevant to educators in today’s world.