Data you can rely on plays an important part in planning and sustaining continuous improvement. Cognia works with schools, systems, and large education agencies to deliver reliable assessment solutions and support for teachers, to inform instruction and improve learning. Like you, we’re passionate about helping all students succeed, no matter where they’re learning.

Assess to achieve

Creative meets pragmatic

We apply the rigor of science and the art of true collaboration to meet your need for the full range of K–12 assessments. From instructional resources to system- and statewide programs, you get the same industry-leading standards and thoughtful designs.

Large-scale impact and efficiency

State- and ministry-wide solutions: Our specialists extensively explore the standards with your curriculum and assessment staff. We work with you to design and deliver efficient assessments with meticulous accuracy and outstanding support, to schools and students across your state, province, or region.

Outstanding instructional resources

Cognia Formative Assessment: Turn to Cognia formative solutions to provide teachers with standards-based tools, resources, and practices to gauge student understanding and adjust individual or group instruction—while learning is taking place. Available as downloads (free to members) or on our robust online platform, teachers easily integrate these resources into daily instruction.

Improved local solutions

Assessment Review Service: Make sure your assessment results help you advance student learning. Our experts provide detailed feedback to improve your current tests, or work with you to customize new ones. The results? Meaningful team learning and high-quality assessments that align to your system’s standards, pacing, and statewide programs.

School-year data you can use

Cognia Interim Assessments: Three online administrations each year show student progress and deliver the information you need to adjust programs and instruction. Unlike disconnected testing experiences, these standards-based assessments are consistent with many districts’ instructional approaches—and with their annual statewide assessments.

We use assessment from Cognia to continuously strengthen the high-quality teaching and learning that takes place."
Mark Howard
Chief of Performance Accountability
Palm Beach County, FL

Serving partners at every level

Education agency leaders

We collaborate with states, large systems, and international agencies to design and deliver programs that yield impeccable data to identify underserved programs or groups, evaluate programs, and fulfill external requirements.

District and system administrators

Superintendents and administrators work with us to provide their schools the strength, reliability, and instructional compatibility of our Formative and Interim Assessment solutions, and to improve the quality and usefulness of locally created assessments.

School leaders

We provide teachers with easy-to-use, standards-based instructional tools, resources, and practices, to gauge student understanding and adjust individual or group instruction—while learning is taking place.

Your students deserve the best.