Data you can rely on plays an important part in planning and sustaining continuous improvement. Cognia works with education agencies to deliver reliable assessment solutions and support.

Like you, we’re passionate about helping all students succeed, no matter where they’re learning.

Large-scale impact and efficiency

Now more than ever, you need to gather the right data for the right purposes, and understand the implications of that data. With decades of experience in high-stakes and local assessment solutions, Cognia brings you a robust assessment solution

We apply the rigor of science and the art of flexibility to meet your need for K–12 assessments. We collaborate with states, large systems, and international agencies to design and deliver programs that yield impeccable data to identify underserved programs or groups, evaluate programs, and fulfill external requirements.​

Our specialists extensively explore the standards with your curriculum and assessment staff. We collaborate with you to design and deliver efficient assessments to schools and students across your state, province, or region—with meticulous accuracy and outstanding support.

We use assessment from Cognia to continuously strengthen the high-quality teaching and learning that takes place."
Mark Howard
Chief of Performance Accountability
Palm Beach County, FL

Balance and meaning

Understanding how different types of assessment work together in a balanced system helps education leaders and teams use assessment options effectively. We’ve worked with educators around the world to shed light on the sometimes mysterious world of assessment. Multiple components serve different purposes at different times. Use this infographic to establish a common understanding among your team, paving the way for productive discussions.

Assessment Success Stories

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