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Students Improve When Schools Improve

In an educational ecosystem, the relationships between students, teachers, and leaders are deeply interconnected. To grow student learning, leaders and teachers need appropriate support. Cognia provides that support so schools, and students, continuously improve.

Supporting your specific needs

At the heart of continuous school improvement lies the learner. Students are impacted by every major decision from the boardroom to the classroom. Cognia’s standards-based approach to improvement and our expert guidance support schools and systems, build leadership capacity and decision-making, and enhance teacher effectiveness. No matter where you need support today, you can connect with other educational professionals so that you learn, grow, and improve together. And, when you improve, so do your students.

Support individual schools and whole systems

School and system improvement takes time and dedication. Cognia’s framework of continuous improvement includes comprehensive diagnostic tools and expert guidance needed to reach your goals. Plus, you’ll have access to a community of job-alike peers to gather virtually for facilitated collaboration and problem solving so you can make impactful decisions.

Equip superintendents and principals

Educational leaders have immense impact. Their actions and decisions affect staff and hundreds—to thousands—of students. Cognia’s Leadership Circle creates a safe place for leaders to exchange ideas and problem solve in real-time through Solution Circles, Think Tanks, and Leader Chats. Address your challenges, spawn new ideas, and collaborate with peers.

Grow teacher instructional practices

In schools, teachers impact students more than any other adult. By providing educators with easily accessible high quality professional learning, both teachers and students reap the rewards. The Cognia Learning Community is an online platform that offers differentiated professional learning so teachers can enrich their skills when and where it’s convenient for them.

Your challenges. Real solutions.

Are you confident that your improvement efforts will get the right results? Based on our work with more than 30,000 institutions, we know what works. Discover options that will truly move your strategies forward.

Our specialists deliver integrated solutions to help you build on your strengths for tangible progress toward more effective leading, teaching, and learning. With Cognia Performance Standards as the foundation, our solutions help you define and reach high expectations.

I need to…

Which comes first, teachers’ active contribution to a positive school culture, or a school culture that supports its teachers? Activate both.

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If you’re a leader who believes that you need support and you’re willing to give support to others, then a Cognia Leadership Circle may be perfect. Leadership Circles deliver clear, peer-tested information, in a collaborative format, that helps you with day-to-day leadership.

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How effective is your PD? Offer your teachers self-paced professional development with immediate relevance, and measurably transform practice.

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Get a customized solution or a comprehensive plan that addresses your critical priorities. Whether you want to improve student engagement, get better insights from large-scale assessment, prepare for accreditation, or address digital learning, our team can help you craft a solution—all within our standards-based continuous improvement framework.

Networking with a great group of leaders from across the country provides a deeper understanding of the national landscape of critical issues we face every day in our districts."
Erin Prince
Central Kitsap Schools (WA)
Leadership Circle member

Whether you need support for teachers, leaders, or an entire school or system, our experts can guide you.