Improvement Solutions

You know your school’s unique challenges. That’s why we partner with you to design a program uniquely suited to your institution—whether you’re looking to understand data, increase student engagement, or improve leadership.

Build your capacity

Create an optimal environment

Our education experts provide knowledge and perspective so you can leverage your strengths and make tangible progress toward improvement. You will get tailored guidance across a range of integrated topics that all contribute to effective teaching and learning.

Leadership Circle

Leadership drives everything—yet the conditions for school system leaders can be isolating. Leadership support remains conventional and misaligned to the growing list of current and future challenges. Superintendents and their executive team members need focused collaboration with job-alike peers beyond their local surroundings. The Cognia Leadership Circle provides pragmatic and efficient systems to engage and support one another with input and advice. Get started >

Turnaround to Success

When students are not meeting their potential, what are the root causes? How can you turn your school around and focus on success? Cognia offers in-depth diagnostic reviews for targeted or comprehensive support based on the Cognia Performance Standards, which provide a foundation that drives improvement. Our team of specialists and peer educators collaborate with you to identify areas of improvement. You set the course to improve student and school performance, and we support the implementation of your plan. Let us help you cultivate a continuous improvement mindset. Get started >

Strategic Thinking and Planning

Is your improvement plan getting the results you want? Your school has areas of strength, and like all schools, has room for improvement. To move forward, you need a strategically designed improvement plan that establishes concrete, actionable steps to impact student learning and professional practice—or simply to become more efficient and effective at what you’re already doing. Cognia’s research-based planning process helps schools create a vision for improvement and a theory of action to ensure effective implementation. Through the involvement of key stakeholders, the process results in a strategy map and implementation plan that engage your team to drive tangible improvement. And we can help you identify how to use available funding for school improvement. Get started >

Learning Recovery

Do you want to dig deeper into the structures and processes that will accelerate learning and create equitable opportunities for your students? COVID-19 has had unprecedented impact on these aspects of student learning. More than ever, you need access to valid and reliable data to reveal each student’s learning loss and a plan to close the gaps through effective formative practice. The learning recovery process provides leaders with the assessment tools, services, and professional learning you need to accelerate learning and promote student success. Get started >

Learner Engagement

Do you want to build your teachers’ capacity for effective instructional practices and support your teachers in engaging students? Cognia helps you measure the aspects of classroom environments that promote student engagement by focusing on students’ responses rather than teachers’ behavior. Our education experts help you gather consistent, meaningful data to gauge the effectiveness of classroom environments and provide the professional development opportunities to improve professional practice. Get started >

Cognia is a true partner in education! The staff provided the necessary guidance to help us find a solution to every query or concern. Cognia’s services have provided critical support for our schools to engage in continuous improvement and remain growing towards becoming their best selves. We are so fortunate to be partnering with Cognia in our continuous improvement journey!"
Christine McGuinn
Director Education Projects & Quality Assurance
Academica of Miami, FL

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