School and System Improvement

Whether you are steering an individual school or a whole system towards continuous improvement, Cognia’s expertise and resources can support you.

A holistic approach to school improvement

School improvement is tough and nuanced work and puts the most seasoned leaders to the test. Cognia’s framework of continuous improvement untangles complexities and helps chart a course of ongoing improvement for your school or system. Our comprehensive, research-based diagnostic tools are embedded into the process so you can define, measure, monitor, and act on data. Throughout the improvement journey, you will:

An experienced school improvement specialist will support you every step of the way. Our expert will ensure this formative process is sustainable and help you reach desired results.

professional development for teachers
When followed with fidelity, Cognia’s framework of continuous improvement helps schools and systems reach their goals.

Jefferson County School District's school improvement story

Focusing on fewer initiatives, closely examining day-to-day learning and instruction, and having an open mind to constructive feedback accelerated school improvement.

Move away from event-based improvement

Learn about our formative approach to school improvement.

Ready to get started?

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Support your improvement effort with these formative diagnostics:

Teacher Observation Tool

In schools, teachers have more direct impact on students than any other adult. Support them with formative, actionable feedback to improve teaching and learning.

Effective Learning Environments Observation Tool® (eleot®)

See the impact of classroom instruction by focusing on your most important and revealing stakeholders: your students.


Do you know whether your efforts at engagement and outreach are hitting the mark? Use our surveys for students, teachers, families, and community members to find out.


Which comes first, teachers’ active contribution to a positive school culture, or a school culture that supports its teachers? The MyVoice online tool cultivates both.

I need all of our school’s staff to be proceeding from an asset and growth mindset with their students. We know that ‘culture trumps strategy’... In leaders’ hands, this tool can drive adaptive, intrinsic change.”
Dr. Donald Robertson
Chief of Staff
Virginia Beach City Public Schools (VA)

Embark on your continuous improvement journey