Non-Public Schools

Recognizing Your School’s Individuality

Just as no two students are alike, no two schools are identical. That’s why our Performance Standards are crafted to embrace and celebrate the distinct context of your institution.

More than 7,000 independent and private schools in the U.S. trust Cognia

What draws your community together sets you apart

At Cognia, we value your school’s mission to serve parents and students with similar values or needs. It’s this institutional fabric that sets you apart. Cognia accreditation will distinguish you even further. We serve Catholic and other faith-based schools, schools with a specific pedagogical approach, and all types of independent schools. Through our vast global reach and deep history, Cognia accreditation supports your vision by applying our rigorous performance standards to the unique context of your school.

Pathways to accreditation

Cognia is dedicated to empowering and supporting non-public institutions through tailored expertise, resources, and collaboration so you can fulfill your promise to students. We partner with you as your main accreditor, or if you’re already accredited, we partner with your lead accreditor to extend your accreditation recognition nationally.

Improvement in action

Fairmont Schools in California, with multiple campuses and an international program, is just one of our 7,000 institutions that accelerated improvement through Cognia accreditation. Read the case study.

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Our accreditation partners

If you are already accredited by one of our 35+ partners, Cognia accreditation will boost your reputation. Your students can easily transfer credits from one member institution to another, and high school diplomas are recognized by colleges and universities. This synchronized accreditation allows you to go through the accreditation process once while proudly displaying two seals of approval. Plus, you gain access to all Cognia member benefits.

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Meet your Cognia team

Our Office of Non-Public Services is dedicated to empowering and supporting non-public institutions through tailored expertise, resources, and collaboration. By working closely with you, we foster growth and excellence and create a positive impact on your students.

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Dr. Adina Victor
Vice President Non‑Public Services
Michael Bratcher
Dr. Michael Bratcher
Director Non-Public Services
Meliza Fender
Meliza Fender
Senior Analyst Non-Public Services