Schools of Distinction

Accreditation from Cognia is a valuable mark of distinction recognized around the world. Each year, Cognia identifies schools and systems that best exemplify excellence in education and stand out in their service to learners, based on the results of our rigorous accreditation process.

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Recognizing excellence in education

In 2021, Cognia initiated its Schools of Distinction award program. Across the world, educators dedicate themselves to maximizing opportunities for learners. The Schools of Distinction award recognizes schools and systems that truly stand out in their service to learners.

Many members of the Cognia Global Network seek accreditation from Cognia, which is earned as the result of extensive internal preparation and a review by a team of outside educators. Cognia’s Performance Standards for accreditation are based on ever-expanding research and understanding of learning, and define high-quality education for today’s world. Once an institution is accredited, it engages in similar preparation and review every five years to maintain that designation.

Cognia congratulates the schools and systems listed below for demonstrating excellence in meeting the Cognia Performance Standards during their 2020–2021 accreditation reviews, thus earning the 2021 Schools of Distinction award. Each of these schools or systems effectively implements high-quality instruction, shows consistent organizational effectiveness, and maintains a commitment to continuous improvement. These institutions demonstrate energetic and sustained commitment to learners.

Cognia accreditation is a gold standard that tells you what you need to do and whether you're doing it well enough to be a top-flight system.”

2021 Schools of Distinction

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