Leader Chat: Leadership, Lessons Learned, and Legacy with Rob Neu

Robert Neu

Rob Neu has spent 27 years in public education and is the past superintendent of Oklahoma City and Federal Way Washington. During this Leader Chat, he and Jeff reflect on their past work and discuss the challenges educational leaders face today. Rob is refreshingly humble and honest. Listening to him discuss what he believes is the most important aspect to focus on is eye-opening….

Leader Chat: The Importance of Healthy and Cohesive School Boards with Dr. Andre` L. Harrison

Andre Harrison

If you follow education in any way, you know that school boards are often an important part of success and challenges school systems and communities navigate. Over time, school boards have become more political than ever. In this episode, Jeff talks with Dr. Andre` Harrison, Vice President of Accreditation Services here at Cognia. Andre has had a rich history as an educational leader including serving as a superintendent. Currently, he works with and trains school boards regarding role and policy development. As you will hear, he and Jeff discuss the ups, downs, and potential of district leaders working cohesively with boards of education….

Leader Chat: Our Teachers’ Perspective with Randi Weingarten

Randi Weingarten

In schools, who has the biggest impact on our students? Teachers do of course. Who better to share with the perspective, triumphs, and trials of teachers over the past couple of years than Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers. The AFT represents over 1.7 million educators and healthcare professionals! Here you will hear Jeff describe the importance of leaders listening to teachers and Randi does an outstanding job advocating for their needs….

Leader Chat: An interview with Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum

Beverly Daniel Tatum

In today’s political environment, there are topics that are understandably challenging to discuss in schools. How do educational leaders engage in and talk about sensitive issues and keep their community together and focused on the needs of students? We are so thankful to have had Beverly Daniel Tatum on our Leader Chat to provide perspective and advice. She has talked and written extensively on the topic, truly an expert….

Leader Chat: How Can Leaders Stay Grounded, Calm, and Content with Mike Scott

Mike Scott

Let’s face it, leading school systems is isolating work. The expectations are often unrealistic, and the conditions are clearly becoming more difficult over time. While leaders can’t often publicly state their state of mind or emotional state, take it from us- their lives, hearts, and minds are strained. Something is different though about Mike Scott, superintendent of Hillsboro school district in the Portland metro area….

Leader Chat: Keeping Your Focus While Leading Through Controversy with Sandy Barbour

Sandy Barbour

Recognized as one of the nation’s premier Athletic Directors, Sandy Barbour enters her eighth year as the dynamic leader of the Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics program. With student success and comprehensive excellence as a steadfast focus, Barbour has helped Penn State to ascend and thrive as one of the nation’s most successful athletic departments….

Leader Chat: Culture and Trust with Dr. Mark Elgart

Mark Elgart

This episode focuses on leadership, culture, and trust. Dr. Rose sits down with our CEO and President of Cognia, Dr. Mark Elgart. Mark has led our organization since 2002. Cognia now serves as the trusted partner with over 36,000 institutions in 85 countries to advance learning for 25 million students! Based on his vast experience, his insights on leadership and what are the most critical opportunities for school systems are insightful and clear….