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In this episode, Jeff engages with Dr. Roger Cleveland about the importance and challenge of embracing cultural proficiency as educators. It’s a political topic, but as you listen, maybe they uncover why it does not have to be. If we have strategies to meet the needs of students, with the awareness that kids come from different backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets and it’s our job to love and teach them all.

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Dr. Roger Cleveland is a transformational leader and groundbreaking educator and researcher in the fields of diversity, equity, cultural humility and academic innovation. Cleveland has dedicated his life to supporting educators, public institutions and schools to embrace diversity, equity and inclusion. His unique experience as a results-driven educator and revolutionary thought leader makes him a sought-after lecturer, teacher and academic consultant.

Dr. Cleveland has spent more than 20 years in K-12, and higher education. His teaching expertise has allowed him to educate students at: Morehead State University, The University of Kentucky (adjunct) , Middle Tennessee State University, Kentucky State University and Eastern Kentucky University. Cleveland has published several equity, inclusion and education-related peer reviewed research articles. He has hosted hundreds of equity, leadership and organizational workshops and lectures nationwide. Additionally, Cleveland is Chair of the Board of Directors, of the nationally known Black Males Working Academy. A program focused on college and career readiness through academics, social-emotional learning and leadership for African American males grades K-12.

Dr. Cleveland is the CEO and President of Millennium Learning Concepts Consulting. A company, which focuses on helping organizations develop inclusive working environments.

Cleveland earned his Doctor of Educational Foundations from the University of Cincinnati in 1998. He also holds a Master’s in the Sociology of Education from Union College and a Bachelors of Degree in Communications at Morehead State University. He is currently a professor in the College of Education at Eastern Kentucky University.

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