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As educational leaders, we all want and need to find peace and satisfaction within the context of the challenging times and work we are experiencing. It’s easier said than done. Kim Strobel provides some insightful and pragmatic advice to us, helping us to keep our heads up and move forward.

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Kim Strobel is an internationally-known motivational speaker for educators, school leaders, and organizations and travels the globe sharing the impact of happiness on well-being and student achievement.

As a former teacher and curriculum director, her goal is to inspire you by providing thought-provoking research, heartwarming stories, and simple action steps that get you life-changing results.

She’s also an avid animal rescuer, having rescued 171 dogs, a fierce runner, and a lover of life.

About Jeff Rose, Vice President of Leadership Development at Cognia
Forward-thinking executive leader with over 20 years of education experience (3X Superintendent, Curriculum Director, Principal, & Classroom Teacher), primed to support leaders in their pursuit of solving the most complicated educational problems of practice.