Originally published by Wagon Wheel Broadcasting, LLC on August 1, 2022

Only 20 school corporations in the state have received such accreditation.

Last May, South Dearborn Community School Corporation completed their on-site review by Cognia, formerly known as AdvancED. Cognia is a non-for-profit accreditation agency that embraces a holistic approach to continuous improvement with tools and resources, research-based standards, online differentiated professional development (PD) and accreditation and certification.

South Dearborn Community School Corporation ranked well above the CIN (Cognia Improvement Network) 5-year IEQ Range of 278.34 – 283.33 with a score well above 300. School corporations wishing to seek accreditation status must commit to an internal and external review. The On-Site Engagement Review Team engaged in professional discussions and deliberations about the processes, programs, and practices within the institution to arrive at the findings of the team. These findings are organized around themes guided by the evidence, with examples of programs and practices, and suggestions for the institution’s continuous improvement efforts. South Dearborn last received accreditation status in 2017 after their first-ever review with AdvancED.

Superintendent Eric Lows stated, “the final report received in July validates our ongoing commitment to improvement for our students, teachers, and community.” “We have made tremendous strides the last five (5) years and we will utilize the findings in the most recent report to continue to advance the district.” South Dearborn is one (1) of only twenty (20) school corporations in the state to receive full-district accreditation.

South Dearborn’s full report can be found at www.sdcsc.k12.in.us under Essentials then District Information.

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