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Our worries about teacher shortage and a lack of motivation for young professionals to seek a career in teaching are real and it’s shared. In this Leader Chat, Jeff talks with Dr. Denise Spangler, Dean of the College of Education at the University of Georgia. She has led at UGA for many years, and her lens into this problem and the potential for future opportunities for change is something we should all pay attention to.

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Denise A. Spangler is Bebe Aderhold Professor in Elementary Education, Professor of Mathematics Education, and Dean of the Mary Frances Early College of Education at the University of Georgia. Dr. Spangler is an award-winning teacher, a member of the UGA Teaching Academy, and a recipient of the Richard B. Russell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Her research is tightly integrated with her teaching as she seeks to understand how novice teachers put into practice what they have learned from their teacher education programs, their experiences in schools, and their own experiences as students and how they balance these sometimes competing messages. In addition to her teaching and research, Dr. Spangler has been active in serving the university, the community, and her profession. She has served on and chaired a number of committees and task forces at UGA, and she was an elected member of the Clarke County School District board of education for 12 years, serving 2 terms as vice president of the board. Her national service includes chairing editorial panels for prestigious journals in mathematics education and serving on the board of directors for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

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