Trusted Partner Program

Education providers rely on Cognia as a partner in their improvement journey. We work with institutions to identify solutions that advance learning for all students.


A message from Dr. Mark Elgart

Confidently adopt new solutions

Through selective partnerships, Cognia promotes next generation learning with new solutions in technology, professional learning, and effective improvement. These timely and meaningful innovations accelerate your ability to impact learners and provide you with immediate access while reducing exposure to risk. Our experts carefully select unique solutions, vet them for rigor, and support each step of your experience—from sign up, to onboarding, professional learning, and ultimate success.

Leverage network benefits

The Cognia global network enjoys exclusive access to the Trusted Partner program. Actualize opportunities to boost teaching and learning with low impact to your resources.

Single source integration

Add innovative solutions without the additional process of integrating a new vendor into procurement, billing, and customer support.

Professional services consolidation

Use a single source for customized professional services that support and accelerate your work.

Solution cost reduction

Enjoy significant savings—as a nonprofit, Cognia is able to offer our network a lower-cost entry to robust solutions.

Time and effort savings

Eliminate exhausting resources on vetting solutions for your schools and districts. Cognia handles this and releases only proven and reviewed solutions.

Trusted Partner offerings

Cognia’s portfolio of trusted partners will continue to grow as we evaluate and curate the best solutions for you—high quality, proven tools, resources and services that meet your needs and align with our mission of dedication to your success.

Now more than ever, education providers are challenged to inspire and engage learners online. How can schools and systems deliver effective, student-centric programming in a remote learning environment? The answer is through teachers—who are trained to effectively leverage innovation and shift their mindset of what teaching and learning can be.

LINCspring is an easy to use, online coaching solution that helps educators become pedagogical problem solvers through action research. The platform empowers you to support your teachers, give them access to a coach, and provide simple and brief learning aids. These resources combined with personalized coaching sustain and support your shift to remote learning and teaching innovation.

LINC is a Recommended Coaching Partner for the Google for Education Certified Coach program.

For a limited time, sign up for a demo and free access to the LINCspring platform and resources.

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