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When students are not meeting their potential, can you pinpoint the root causes?  How can you change the trajectory of your school and focus on success? Drive improvement with an in-depth diagnostic review for targeted or comprehensive support.

Focus on root causes, create your vision, and achieve measurable results

Cognia offers in-depth diagnostic reviews for targeted or comprehensive support, engaging your team in analysis and problem solving, to drive improvement.

When you partner with us, a team of experts and peers collaborate with you to identify areas of improvement and move students and schools out of underperformance. We guide and support the implementation of your plan. We can also help you find funding that fits your improvement goals. Cognia’s Performance Standards—which define the characteristics of high-quality schools—provide a constructive framework for identifying root causes and determining steps for improvement. Let us help you cultivate a continuous improvement mindset.

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Read success stories from a few of the schools that have overcome challenges and succeeded as a result of a Cognia Diagnostic Review.

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The dedication and commitment shown by the Cognia team have been instrumental in our schools' transformational journey. Their unwavering support in providing innovative educational resources, professional development opportunities, and responsive customer service have significantly contributed to improving student outcomes. Cognia's cooperative approach, tailored solutions, and continuous engagement with our educators have empowered us to overcome challenges and achieve remarkable progress. We are immensely grateful for their partnership and look forward to continued success in our mission to provide quality education to our all students regardless of the zip code.”
Thomas D. Rogers, Ed.D.
Assistant Superintendent
Memphis Shelby County Schools
The continuous improvement model is not new in education, and it’s not new to people in our district. Since working with Cognia, what is fresh in Farmington is the consistency with which we’ve strengthened our systems instead of looking for a silver bullet each year.”
Nate Pierantoni
Director of School Improvement
Farmington (NM) Municipal School District

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