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Have you heard the phrase “hope is not a strategy”? What if it is? This conversation between Jeff and Casey Gwinn, a coauthor of Hope Rising, How the Science of HOPE Can Change Your Life, will likely impact your perspective about what hope actually is and the power it can play in lives if understood and embraced. As you are about to hear, this is great stuff.

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Casey Gwinn is the President and Co-Founder of the Alliance for HOPE. He is the visionary behind the Family Justice Center Movement, first proposing the concept of the Family Justice Center model in 1989. Casey founded Camp HOPE America in 2003. He is a national expert on domestic violence dynamics, including investigation and prosecution, and the handling of non-fatal strangulation cases, and is one of the leading thinkers in the country on the science of hope. Prior to this position, Casey was the elected San Diego City Attorney.

Casey has authored or co-authored eleven books since 2006. Casey’s current best-selling, award-winning book, written with Dr. Chan Hellman from the Hope Research Center at the University of Oklahoma, is entitled Hope Rising, How the Science of HOPE Can Change Your Life.”  It is a roadmap to a life well lived and points the way toward the power of hope in the lives of all those who have experienced domestic violence, trauma, hardship, or adversity.  His newest book is a children’s lullaby book called “Goodnight Moonbright” to teach children and their parents about the science of hope. All his books are available at www.allianceforhope.com or on Amazon.

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