Catholic Schools

A Catholic school’s mission and vision guide the actions and decisions made by every stakeholder in its school community. Cognia Performance Accreditation supports your commitment by applying our rigorous performance standards to the context of Catholic schools.

Committed to serving Catholic schools for over 100 years

For more than a century, Cognia Accreditation has supported Catholic schools with unparalleled expertise, resources, and diagnostic tools. Currently, 1,200 Catholic schools nationwide turn to us because of the services and insights we offer.

Catholic accreditation agency partnerships

Receive dual accreditation through our Synchronized Accreditation Program with the partners you know and trust.

Your relationship with Cognia matters.

Our dedicated Catholic schools team is here to assist you.

Loyola Academy

professional development for teachers

Loyola Academy, a Catholic, Jesuit college preparatory high school on the North Shore of Chicago, formed an accreditation partnership with Cognia that has lasted for more than a century.

Surrendering to Your Passion for Education and Service with Diane Starkovich, Ph.D.

Principals: Thoughtful Approaches to Maximize Professional Learning Outcomes

Collecting meaningful data for improvement

Cognia is committed to supporting the evolving needs of today’s students and educational environments. The Catholic Identity Program Effectiveness and Defining Characteristics of Catholic Schools Surveys have been updated based on the second edition of the NSBECS published by the National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA). These surveys can be accessed by logging into myJourney.

Similarly, we have updated the student, family, and educator stakeholder surveys to align with our most recent standards. These changes ensure the survey language reflects current best practices and provides Catholic institutions with proven tools to significantly impact continuous improvement in meaningful ways.

Bringing the standards to life through a Catholic lens

Cognia supports and embraces Catholic schools’ mission and identity in the accreditation experience. Aligning Cognia Performance Standards and the National Standards and Benchmarks for Effective Elementary and Secondary Catholic Schools (NSBECS) represents the unique context of Catholic education and provides a nationally accepted recognition of quality. Every six years, you will renew your accreditation to ensure ongoing, continuous improvement.

leadership in education


  • Participate in orientation and training from Cognia
  • Reflect and collaborate on your school’s current status
  • Administer Cognia Catholic Identity Program Effectiveness and Culture and Climate Survey
  • Identify, collect, and analyze meaningful evidence and data
  • Complete Cognia Self-Assessment Workbook using the Cognia/ NSBECS Standards Alignment as a guide
  • Complete Cognia Diagnostics and Assurances


  • Cognia evaluators schedule the Leadership Overview Presentation, review submitted evidence, and rate Performance Standards
  • Following evaluation, you’ll receive an Engagement Review Report that details Cognia’s findings, highlights your noteworthy practices, and identifies areas for improvement
  • Cognia Global Commission confirms that the findings in the report demonstrate your institution’s commitment and quality and confers your accreditation


  • Cognia evaluators schedule follow-up for your institution to assess the status of your continuous improvement efforts
  • Receive continued collaboration and guidance from your Cognia team
  • Toward the middle of your accreditation term, complete the institution’s part of the Progress Report, describing your improvements in the areas outlined in your Engagement Review Report