Communities of Practice

Community in Action

It sounds cliché, but it’s true. There’s strength in numbers. When educators come together on shared experiences and challenges, we develop ideas we couldn’t have alone—ideas that lead to better educational practice and improve student learning.

Not just another community

Online communities pop up all the time. But what makes them endure? It’s about finding like-minded people who are curious to learn from each other’s different perspectives and approaches. It’s about problem-solving.

In the Cognia Communities of Practice, our network members connect with fellow educators locally and around the world.

Connect the way you want

Do you need new ideas on an enduring problem? Do you have an experience or insight to share? Do you want to explore different perspectives on a challenge you’re facing? The chances are good that a community member can help or could use your point of view. Explore the three community types:

Community type
Potential uses

Cognia network community
Created and moderated by Cognia, this community enables 40,000 network institutions and their staff to reach out and interact in one place
  • Build and enhance your network
  • Tackle complex problems collaboratively
  • Gain international perspective

Individual institution community
Institutions within the Cognia network have access to their own private community to encourage conversation among educators
  • Extend your PLCs online
  • Form a group for unified arts within a district
  • Collaboratively plan your next community-wide event

Special interest community
Educators within a Cognia institution can create and moderate a special interest community
  • Connect with educators in the Cognia network to discuss new and interesting education topics
  • Give and get advice about a lagging Cognia Performance Standard
  • Discover ways to successfully implement competency-based education
  • Exchange lesson plans for specific job roles— from a grade-level teacher to a unified arts specialist to a special education provider

Educators helping educators

✓ Connect
✓ Share
✓ Problem-solve
✓ Improve

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Explore the Cognia Communities of Practice

Learn and grow together

Engage in rich conversation in the Communities of Practice. Spark fresh ideas, break through geographical barriers, and explore new practices.


Connect with the Cognia network community, create a special interest community that supports your unique role in education, and ideate with colleagues in your institution’s private community.


Need help in one of your improvement areas identified through accreditation? Struggling to connect with a student in your classroom? Pose your question to receive valuable feedback from fellow Cognia members.


Your experiences are valuable. By sharing your unique perspective, you have the power to inspire fellow educators. Check back regularly to offer insight and advice to a colleague in need.

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Connect, share, problem-solve, and improve in the Communities of Practice.