Seasonal Assessment Scorers

Cognia is hiring seasonal assessment scorers to support our upcoming projects.

As a member of our team your academic background will serve as the foundation to expand your expertise. You’ll collaborate with like-minded professionals and see your work influence student achievement around the world.

This position involves reading, evaluating, and assigning scores to computer-imaged student work—from the convenience of your home.

Scope of Work:

  • Read, evaluate, and assign scores to computer-imaged student responses to test questions related to English/ELA, mathematics, science, or social studies.
    • Attend and complete training sessions related to each content area and question being scored.
    • Demonstrate comprehension of training by passing online qualifying tests for each item trained.
  • Accept and apply performance feedback regarding scoring accuracy and production.
  • Maintain established accuracy and productivity standards.


  • Possess basic computer skills and successfully use scoring and other software.
  • Learn and apply established scoring guidelines and scoring instructions.


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Successful completion of a minimum of two college courses related to the content area being scored


  • Assessment scorers are hired on a per project basis and may qualify to work on multiple projects throughout the season.

Please submit your resume for consideration