Seasonal Assessment Scorers

Opportunities for remote test scorers with paid training provided: $18/hour

Cognia is always searching for individuals interested in joining our scoring team. As a member of our team, your academic background and expertise will serve as the foundation to promote student learning.

You will score student responses to standardized tests from the comfort and convenience of your home. The scores you assign will be reported to our clients, helping identify gaps in student learning and influencing student achievement around the world.

Our peak season is April–August but we have opportunities throughout the year. You will be hired on a per-project basis and may qualify to work on multiple projects throughout the season. The current pay rate for this work is $18/hour. Working as a test scorer may also serve as the perfect gateway for advancement to higher-paid positions as team lead and supervisor. 

Job duties:

Read, evaluate, and assign scores to student responses to test questions (items) related to English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, or Social Studies.

Before scoring, you will be required to:

    • Become familiar with scoring software and virtual communication tools
    • Attend paid training sessions related to each content area and item being scored
    • Meet qualification standards by passing a test after each item training

During scoring, you will be expected to:

  • Apply established scoring guidelines and scoring instructions
  • Accept and apply performance feedback regarding your scoring accuracy and production
  • Maintain established accuracy and productivity standards

Technical skills:

  • Basic computer operation
  • Use of common web browsers and virtual meeting software

Educational requirements:

  • For most projects: Bachelor’s degree required
  • For select projects: Successful completion of 48 college credits with classes related to the content area being scored

Opportunities for pre-benchmarking student work: $23/hour

Cognia is seeking individuals with an interest in English Language Arts or Social Studies to work in their assessment division. Teaching or educational experience is helpful, but not required.

Qualified applicants will hold a bachelor’s degree and:

  • are capable of applying scoring guidelines to student work
  • are able to organize student work in an order that represents a range of score points
  • write short annotations of the scoring rationale
  • are familiar with Microsoft Office and possess basic computer skills
  • are able to work independently from the comfort of their home, with appropriate remote support

Flexible hours including evenings are available in this seasonal position. Paid training will be provided for successful applicants.

There may be opportunities to expand potential work to include leadership positions in scorer training, attendance at client meetings, and finalization of training materials. This is exciting and varied work ideal for those interested in student learning. The current pay rate for this activity is $23/hour.

Please submit your resume for consideration