Teacher Observation Tool

Focusing on Teacher Impact

Members of the Cognia Global Network use the Teacher Observation Tool to help teachers, schools, and districts take the pulse of learner-centric instruction.

Promote teachers’ improvement to help students succeed

With your institution’s membership in the Cognia Global Network, you can support your teachers with formative, actionable feedback and improve teaching and learning to help students thrive. The Teacher Observation Tool is a valid and reliable instrument that empowers administrators and teachers to increase student engagement and success in positive and effective learning environments. Simultaneously, the results provide a pathway to support your teachers’ growth and inform a personalized system for professional development.

Observations for impact

The Teacher Observation Tool makes it possible to:

  • Conduct observations during any 20-minute segment of a lesson, in both face-to-face and virtual settings
  • Generate timely, actionable feedback to inform reflective conversations and improve instruction
  • Emphasize and enhance learner-centric instruction

You can use the Teacher Observation Tool online or on the mobile app—even without an internet connection. The easy-to-use rating scale provides valuable data, available through on-demand reporting.

The Power of Observation

Cognia offers two powerful observation tools that help educators gather data to develop classroom insights, drive purposeful conversations between school leaders and teachers, and deliver effective strategies for student success. Watch the video to learn how.

Need more support for teachers?

Strengthen teacher voice and generate active engagement in school culture.

Explore the Teacher Observation Tool

Efficient formative observations

This research-based tool can be used in face-to-face and virtual settings to generate information that helps teachers understand their instructional practices and foster professional development. You no longer need complicated observation protocols to help teachers grow.

Measurements that matter
Measurements that matter

Observe and rate teacher behaviors across five research-based dimensions that generate valuable improvement data, emphasize learner-centric instruction, and stimulate collaborative dialogue.

1. Culture and Climate
2. Learning
3. Essentials

4. Agency
5. Relationships

Rate multiple items in each dimension to create a data-driven picture of classroom behavior.

Ratings Guide
Ratings Guide

Observers use a scoring rubric that embodies three different factors to consider when rating each item:

1. Implementation of Practices
2. Authenticity of Practices
3. Effect on Learners


Administrators and teachers have access to data-driven feedback that can be used to guide teacher skills and improvements in the classroom. Review feedback summarized by dimension. Filter reports by date, instructor, grade levels, and more.

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I love the fact that the Cognia Teacher Observation Tool is all-encompassing. It makes sure that teachers use culturally responsive teaching practices and assists teachers with pedagogy and overall instructional practices. It is both user friendly and receiver friendly."
Dr. Margaret Jones
Principal, Edgewood Elementary School
Selma, Alabama

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