Leader Chat: Cultural Proficiency, Teaching, and Leadership with Dr. Roger Cleveland

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In this episode, Jeff engages with Dr. Roger Cleveland about the importance and challenge of embracing cultural proficiency as educators. It’s a political topic, but as you listen, maybe they uncover why it does not have to be. If we have strategies to meet the needs of students, with the awareness that kids come from different backgrounds, experiences, and skill sets and it’s our job to love and teach them all….

Leader Chat: Time For Change with Anthony Muhammad and Luis Cruz

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If you are an educator, a leader in schools, or in districts at any level, this is a must-listen. Anthony Muhammad and Luis Cruz brought so much practical and powerful advice that it was actually hard for me to get Jeff to stop talking with them. These authors are not just researchers- they are practitioners who have been on the front lines. They get it!…

Leader Chat: Leading with Your School Board and Keeping Focus on What’s Most Important with Pamela Swanson & Ken Ciancio

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This is the second part of a two-part series. This week, Pamela Swanson had her board president, Ken Ciancio, join us. Jeff was so excited to compare and contrast what Pam had to say in episode one with what Ken might bring to light in our second chat. Bottom line, Ken and Pam are two peas in a pod- they are a team, and their mutual respect for each other and their roles shine through. If only all superintendent and board relationships were this strong….

Leader Chat: Leading with Your School Board and Keeping Focus on What’s Most Important with Pamela Swanson

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This is the first part of a two-part series. Everyone who pays any attention to schools or politics knows, the dynamics of a school board can have positive or negative effects on the schools and communities they serve. We have had other Leader Chats on this topic, but Pamela Swanson, superintendent of Westminster Schools in Colorado, ‘schooled us’ in this Leader Chat. Her humility and compassion are obvious. Clearly, she understands quality governance, but she also describes the art of working with her board as a united front. This Leader Chat is awesome!…

Leader Chat: Talking People – Hiring, Development, and Coaching with Frank Cespedes

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Why would a K-12 educational leader listen to a Harvard Business School Professor who specializes in sales and marketing? Well, as Jeff often points out, smart leaders learn from others who are in different lanes and industries. When you listen to Frank Cespedes, you will see the leadership correlation between business and sales with education. Frank’s latest book identifies several trends and solutions that translate to leading in fast-changing environments. You will love it!…

Leader Chat: Education and Assessment With The Future In Mind with Janet Godwin

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This conversation was fun and enlightening! I know Jeff pretty well, and it was obvious to me that he was giddy talking with Janet Godwin, the CEO of ACT, in this Leader Chat episode. Janet’s perspective may surprise you. Her view on the need for change in education and how we consider assessment results was refreshing. As the producer of the show, I try to ensure we keep our shows under a certain length of time. This was a difficult conversation to halt. These two passionate educational leaders could have talked for days….

Leader Chat: Surrendering to Your Passion for Education and Service With Diane Starkovich

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If you were to close your eyes and imagine an educational leader 100% committed to serving students, educators, and her community. . . . this leader also possesses a peaceful passion for student success amidst even the most challenging times in education . . . You may not have known it, but you are thinking of Diane Starkovich. Her leadership story is pretty awesome, but hearing her talk with Jeff about leadership and love for her work is inspirational….

Leader Chat: Teacher-Powered Schools with Amy Junge and Wendy Salcedo-Fierro

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It makes sense that when new challenges in schools arise, so would innovative models and solutions. In an earlier Leader Chat with Richard Ingersoll regarding teacher shortages, he mentioned Teacher-Powered Schools. After some research, we invited Amy Junge and Wendy Salcedo-Fierro to talk with us. While we all think of the traditional principal leading and managing the school, there are new ways emerging. We hope you enjoy learning about this model as much as we did….