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For schools to truly be successful, we learn in this conversation that the district does in fact matter. Jeff talks with the well-known educational author and researcher, Karin Chenowith. Karin is writer-in-residence at The Education Trust. Her latest book, Districts that Succeed: Breaking the Correlation Between Race, Poverty, and Achievement is what grabbed Jeff’s attention. In fact, this conversation is the first of a two-part Leader Chat. If you are an educational leader, responsible for supporting schools, these are must listens! Jeff simply was not able to squeeze his questions into just one sitting. Fortunately, she was gracious enough to come back for Part 2.

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Karin Chenowith

Karin Chenoweth is writer-in-residence at The Education Trust, a national education advocacy organization that works to improve the academic achievement of all children, particularly children of color and children who live in poverty. Her latest book is Districts that Succeed: Breaking the Correlation Between Race, Poverty, and Achievement (Harvard Education Press, 2021) which builds on Schools that Succeed: How Educators Marshal the Power of Systems for Improvement (Harvard Education Press, 2017).

Previous books include It’s Being Done (2007), HOW It’s Being Done (2009) and, co-authored with Christina Theokas, Getting It Done (2011).

Before joining Ed Trust, Chenoweth wrote a weekly column on schools and education for The Washington Post. Before that she was senior writer and executive editor for Black Issues In Higher Education (now Diverse). She has written for such publications as Education Week, American Teacher, American Educator, Kappan, Educational Leadership, School Library Journal, and the Washington Post Magazine.

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