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Delivering the Cognia Difference

Empower your team with strong assessments

Everything we do is focused on continuous improvement that provides opportunities for all students. We believe in the power of good assessments to achieve those goals. That’s why we offer Premium-level members online Formative and Interim assessments—with psychometric strength, dependable technology, and useful results. All members have access to actionable formative resources for download. Plus, our test development experts can help you strengthen your own local assessments.

Watch demos of our platform to get a look at test administration, the student experience, and reporting. And learn how you can make your assessment programs as effective as they can be.

If you want to further explore Cognia membership and assessment solutions or just have questions, let us know. A one-on-one consultation is the perfect opportunity for us to talk about assessment and the benefits for your institution, teachers, and students. CONTACT ME >

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Introducing Cognia Assessments
Learn more about our assessment solutions:
– Formative and Interim Assessment overviews
– Formative Item Samples
– Interim Item Samples
Addressing Gaps in Learning
Watch the webinar series to gain insight on identifying and closing learning gaps.
– Curriculum alignment
– Formative assessment
– Differentiated instruction
Demystifying a Balanced Assessment System
Help your team gain shared understanding of the uses of assessment:
– Components of a Balanced Assessment System (Infographic)
– Now More Than Ever, Thoughtful Assessment Matters
Delivering the Cognia Difference

Demo video: Introduction to Cognia Assessment Solutions

Demo video: Online Test Administration

Demo video: Student Experience

Demo video: Reporting

What makes a strong assessment item Infographic

Assessment Review Service Overview

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