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Create learner-centered classrooms and empower teachers to become change agents for innovative classroom transformation.

Address key problems of practice, get personalized professional development, and make an impact in classrooms

Are you looking for a proven, research-based methodology to truly personalize professional development for instructional staff and leaders?

Cognia’s four core Learning Libraries incorporate Stanford University’s research-based methodology. Accessed through the Cognia Learning Community, they’re available online and on-demand to fit educators’ schedules, and offer individualized coaching support. Give educators job-embedded, personalized, professional development that fits a wide range of skill levels. Achieve the critical shift in instruction mindset that leads to increased student engagement and dynamic learning environments.

Get the most of what the Cognia Learning Library offers with lessons focused on key problems of practice.

Blended Learning
Accelerating Student Learning
Personalizing Instruction
Project-based Learning

Increase engagement for students 

Prepare teachers for today’s challenges 

Improve teachers’ ability to work with individual and small groups of students 

Increase student retention and mastery 

Leverage skills developed during the pandemic for improving instruction 

Improve teacher mastery of formative assessment 

Emphasize competency–based learning 

Increase student agency and self- management 

Increase equity as learning meets the unique needs of each student 

Build teacher capacity for high levels of differentiation, including support for Special Ed and ELL students 

Develop more capacity for authentic learning 

Develop key skills needed for today’s workforce 

Increase multi-disciplinary thinking and higher order thinking skills 

Develop student problem-solving skills, time management, and collaboration skills 

Increase student agency 

This rich resource, delivered through the Cognia Learning Community, was developed by Cognia’s Trusted Partner, Learning Innovation Catalyst (LINC). 

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The Learning Libraries revolutionized the way we approach professional development across the district.”
Kari Schneider
Curriculum Director
Kildeer Public School District (ND)

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