Improvement Services

You know your school’s unique challenges. That’s why we partner with you to design a program uniquely suited to your institution—whether you’re looking to understand data, increase student engagement, or improve leadership.

Build your capacity

Create an optimal environment

Our experts provide knowledge and perspective so you can leverage your strengths and make tangible progress. You will get tailored guidance across a range of integrated topics that all contribute to effective teaching and learning.

School improvement

We provide in-depth diagnostic reviews for targeted or comprehensive support by collecting robust data about your current reality and where you need to go. We help you cultivate a continuous improvement mindset. You set the course.


Our specialists make sure your assessments are aligned and can deliver useful results. Through customized tests, or a review of your existing tests, you will extend your staff’s capacity to recognize and use high quality assessments.

Strategic planning and sustainability

Enhance your use of our research-based tools and processes, developed from working in more than 36,000 institutions worldwide. Then you can engage your team and stakeholders year after year to create and implement plans that build on successes.

Cognia engaged all stakeholder groups in the development of our vision, mission, beliefs, and commitment to students. It was evident that the facilitators spent time learning about the uniqueness of our community. Their energy and expertise guided valuable conversations to shape the future of our schools."
Robert Stafford
Owen County Schools, KY

Personalize your experience.