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Rob Neu has spent 27 years in public education and is the past superintendent of Oklahoma City and Federal Way Washington. During this Leader Chat, he and Jeff reflect on their past work and discuss the challenges educational leaders face today. Rob is refreshingly humble and honest. Listening to him discuss what he believes is the most important aspect to focus on is eye-opening.

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Robert Neu is a recognized leader in bold equity initiatives closing opportunity and achievement gaps for students traditionally underrepresented and underserved by the American education system. He has over twenty-seven years of experience in public education, including ten years as superintendent of schools in Michigan, Washington State and Oklahoma.

Rob has led the charge in transforming school districts from status quo select and sort systems into inclusive learning systems for all students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or socio-economic status. He remains steadfast in the belief that every child can succeed, there is no such thing as student failure, only system failure.

Rob has presented around the world on equity, social justice reform, social emotional learning, and promoting healthy school culture. He has been recognized for his work in education leadership and contributions to education diversity. His work on inclusion in advanced coursework resulted in Washington State law.

Since 2016, Rob has worked with school district leaders and education solution providers designing inclusive learning systems, processes, and tools. His work includes strategic planning, central office transformation, executive searches, executive coaching, and labor relations. In 2018, he co-founded MyVoice, a research-based solution framework and web-based tools that utilize culture to improve teaching and learning. He is currently a K-12 Solution Specialist at Cognia specializing in the MyVoice solution.

About Jeff Rose, Vice President of Leadership Development at Cognia
Forward-thinking executive leader with over 20 years of experience within education (3X Superintendent, Curriculum Director, Principal, & Classroom Teacher), primed to support leaders in their pursuit of solving the most complicated educational problems of practice.