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Demystifying a Balanced Assessment System

Do your assessments fit your needs?

Assessments deliver the most value when they’re used for well-understood purposes. A balanced assessment system includes a range of assessment types that each deliver different information, for different purposes.

Understanding the intention of each assessment type—from immediate feedback for instruction, to high-level insight into student progress and program effectiveness—helps teachers and leaders use the data effectively.

Cognia Formative and Interim Assessment solutions, available as part of our Membership Program for Institutions, give you the flexibility you need and results you can use now.

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Introducing Cognia Assessments
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Addressing Gaps in Learning
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– Curriculum alignment
– Formative assessment
– Differentiated instruction
Demystifying a Balanced Assessment System
Delivering the Cognia Difference
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– What Makes a Strong Assessment Item? (Infographic)
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Balanced Assessment System infographic

Now More Than Ever, Thoughtful Assessment Matters

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